ConnectLive Communications

digital services overview

Live Webcasts & Video Production

Our HDTV video production crews travel to your location to capture high quality video and audio of your events -- press conferences, speeches, training sessions, seminars, conferences, and more. Reach global audiences.

Video Conferencing (VTC) Systems

Transcend distance by communicating using live two-way video conferencing. We design, install, and support VTC systems, as well as offer secure bridging services.

Web Site Development & Business Software

Custom web and software applications with back-end databases are among our specialties. We empower enterprises to enhance their efficiency through user-friendly systems that run on their own servers or in the cloud.

Emergency Communications Systems

Secure communications and custom configurations can be designed and implemented to meet the needs of our customers. We offer advanced technologies and special configurations to meet every need.

Global Satellite & Fiber Communications

Transmit or receive video/audio/data on any satellite in the world. We offer Ku & C-band space segment as well as coordinate satellite uplinks & downlinks worldwide. Satellite media tour coordination and technical operations. Fiber optic video transmission to TV network headends.

Digital Communications Strategy Consulting

Refine your digital media and communications strategy by consulting with our experts. Benefit from our nearly two decades of experience implementing industry best practices.

Mission Critical
Solutions & Service

Our nearly two decades of experience demonstrates the trust our customers place in our abilities. From our engineering to our implementation and support services, we provide superior technology along with dedication.

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